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Wow...you found this page without much effort, didn't you? Welcome, have a stack of Oreos, and let me tell you what this webring is all about. Yes, I know that there are now quite a few rings devoted to furries, but We can assure you that this one is quite different from the rest. We? Yes, we! The Furry Lifestyle Ring is now being run by a committee of furs. Don't worry. These furs know what alt.lifestyle.furry is all about. Having a committee should make things fairer, but it also will lengthen the admission time a bit. We want to make sure the ring is representative of alt.lifestyle.furry, and to do so, we'll have to deliberate longer. The submission process may take up to two weeks. This ring is for those who adhere to a "furry lifestyle", as exemplified by the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry. The FAQ for this group is quite informative and will give you the lowdown on which pages can be included in the ring.

What this ring shouldn't include:

Everything else is fair game, I think, and if you have any questions about acceptability, refer to the FAQ or contact us.

One last thing, a listing of some of the other furry-related webrings which may be better suited to some pages.

  • Foxtail Literature Ring: For furry fiction
  • FurPride: For G/L/B furries
  • The Anthro Art Ring: dedicated to furry art and artists
  • The Clean Furry Ring: for furry sites suitable for all ages
  • The FurryRing: Content similar to the original FurRing
  • Tranformation Ring: What do you want to turn into today?
  • This site is an Anthropomorphic Diversity Support Association Affiliate

    How to Join the Ring

    First, you will need to fill out this form, and an email including all the info you will need to know will be sent to you promptly.

    Submit site to The Furry Lifestyle Webring
    Owner's Name:
    Site Title:
    Site URL:

    Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
    Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
    Description: Enter a short description of your site.

    After you do this, cut and paste the html code that was in the email to the bottom of your page. The result should look something like the table at the bottom of this page

    Then email us, saying that you've added all the neccessary code to your site, and now wish to be included in the ring. We'll take a look at your site, and if you meet the guidelines, you're in! We'll email you either saying that your site has been listed, or why your site has not been listed. Good luck!

    Images can now be found in a neat little table for your browsing enjoyment.

    Locandez (clever fox that he is) has pointed out to me that nofur actually needs to follow the HTML guidelines. That is true. If you are not satisfied with the current HTML code, then you do not have to use it. Just keep in mind that the actual URLs need to be intact in order for the ring to work, and you can create your own stylized HTML. It can include your own GIFs, or no GIFs at all, only text. It is up to you.

    For those of you already in the ring, you can modify your listing, (change the URL, your email address, your description, etc) by going here


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